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How wonderful lol

Allyson Felix, Carmelita Jeter ,Bianca Knight , and Tianna Madison win gold and set a new world record of 40.82 at the Women’s 4 x 100m Relay Final today



[All Innocent. All Killed. All Black. All Unarmed.]
- Aiyana Stanley
- Amadou Diallo
- Corey Brown
- DeAunta Terrel Farrow
- Derrick Jones
- Emmett Till
- Guy Jarreau Jr.
- Jimmell Cannon
- Kenneth Harding
- Kiwane Carrington
- Orlando Barlow
- Oscar Grant
- Ousmane Zongo
- Patrick Dorismond
- Ramarley Graham
- Reginald Doucet
- Rekia Boyd
- Ronald Madison
- Sean Bell
- Steven Eugene Washington
- Tarika Wilson
- Travares McGill
- Trayvon Martin
- Victor Steen
- Wendell Allen

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never forget them. remember these names like you do Anne Frank.

Photo Courtesy: hanxiaotian

“I’m a naturalized Italian, but I’m from Ghana. I was abandoned by my parents and adopted by two angels. I suffer with racism everyday. I’m the first black to wear the jersey of Italy. I’m not angry, but my life experiencies make me act differently from other people. Then, try to learn more before you criticize me.” - Mario Balotelli

It’s cute when guys tell you things.

Even when it’s as simple as a story of when they were younger or if they tell you about a dream they had, it’s just so cute. I like it when a guy can be honest. Forget the act of trying to be mysterious because it’s not attractive, it’s confusing. Just be straight up with me. Trust me and I’ll trust you.

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